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Selection of works from Oli Nightingale’s Ma(hoo)sive Drawings, July 2017.

Oli hosted his first solo show which showcased his penchant for creating highly stylised pen,
ink & watercolour drawings made from hundreds of tiny caricatures.
Intricately detailed worlds of Ma(hoo)ssive Drawings.

‘One Love’2017

Watercolour, black ink & reading glasses.

One hundred hours of drawing and painting.

Thousands of tiny ‘beings’ together as one.

All connected by touch or gaze.

The Meditator

Hand ink drawn original & digitally painted

'One Love' 2017

Over my first five years of working in the illustration realm, I had been creating in small spaces, encouraged to work within a limited timeframe and produce quality line work. This process led to the inception of my big heart, conceived while traveling the Californian coast in 2016, an idea which has idled in the back of my mind ever since. This piece is emblematic of my passion for creating highly detailed artwork on a larger scale.

One Love Close Up
Meditator Close Up

Star Gazing

Ink, watercolour & spray paint


Ink, watercolour & spray paint

Wall Painters

Hand drawn & digitally painted