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‘Cartoon Art’

Commissioned artwork as a ‘Cartoon Artist’

‘The Battle of the Jerseys’

Created in collaboration with the ‘Kartoon Faktory’ 2013.

A cartoon recreation of the famous painting by John Singleton Copley, sold as Giclée prints & available at

Herd Close Up
The Battle of the Jerseys

The Kartoon Faktory is a new art based venture designed to bring some humour and a smidgen of satire to Jersey life.

’10K’ 2017 – One of a group of Comic-Style illustrations for CPA Global Ltd.

Kartoon Faktory Cartoons:

Brave Herd’ - A cartoon take on a famous scene from the movie ‘Brave Heart’
The Lord Moves In Mysterious Ways
Geese Theres Always One
Parcel From Amazon
Caterpillar Changed For Dinner
Jersey Evening Post Cartoons:
‘Snow White & the Seven Virtues’ - Jersey Evening Post Illustration.
‘The 18 Jostle’ - Jersey Evening Post Illustration.
‘Guernsey Dump’ - Jersey Evening Post Illustration.

For more information on commissioning cartoons, please get in touch!